Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Today is, unfortunately, not my Friday off. You can't win them all.

No real plans yet for the weekend. Shocking, I know. I'm registered for a 10K tomorrow morning and there's always yoga.

I should probably at least think about doing a short run today since I haven't run since Tuesday if I'm doing this "race" tomorrow. At least Tuesday's run went really well. It was four miles with a group at 8:45, 8:50, 9:00 and 8:19! Go me on that last one.

So what else am I doing this weekend? At some point, I would like to try cooking with tofu. I really want to go out for sushi. I am in desperate need of  brunch or at the very least mimosas. And shopping sounds like a good idea...also, still on the search for a puppy (and by puppy I mean any french bulldog under the age of five).


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