Weekend recap

It's March and that means Spring Schedule has started at the office, which means...I now have every other Friday off! And my first one was this past Friday. Love, love, love three day weekends. If I don't really have plans, sometimes it's best that way.

Friday started off great...slept in a bit, went to hot yoga then met up with a few girls for lunch at the Refinery, a burger place on the edge of downtown. They were super jealous of my beer since they couldn't drink, you know, had to go back to work and all. I honestly barely remember the rest of the day. I know I went to Whole Foods at some point and picked up some amazing fresh pasta to get ready for a 10 miler the next day...but that's all I got.

Saturday morning I met up with K and a friend for a long run. She's training for the Boston Marathon and was heading out for 18 miles! I have a half in two weeks and I've never run 18 before, so since she had another friend running the whole way I decided to run the first five with them before turning around. We ran at a decent pace for the first five and then once I turned around my goal was just to see how much faster I could get back in...ah, it's kinda hard to crank up the pace five miles in, but I did ok. After a nap on the couch I headed back to hot yoga as my legs were getting a little tight. Tho that was probably more from falling asleep with me feet on the coffee table. oops. And after that, well...not much happened. I had tickets to the Dynamo game, so it was my own fault that I didn't do anything Saturday night. But. Meh. I just wasn't feeling it. So I drank some wine, played on my phone and watched a bunch of movies.

The weather here has been all over the place over the last few weeks and Sunday it decided we needed rain. Lots of rain. So I stayed in bed and watched Law & Order reruns...until 1pm. Don't judge me. Ran a few errands, picked up filets from The Fresh Market (on sale of course) and cleaned my apartment for the first time in what seemed like forever. Finally watched the latest Hunger Games movie after dinner and then went to bed relatively early, by which I mean 1am.

Back to work on Monday...but Monday night we had tickets to the Rodeo. Really good tickets. First came dinner at the Cowboy Lounge, followed by actual rodeo competition at NRG Stadium (3 rows behind where they start the bull riding) and then chute seats...read in the dirt...for the Justin Moore concert. I had no idea who Justin Moore was, but he put on a good show.

That is a good looking lunch. Not pictured - the veggie burger.
Fridays off...mani-pedi time.
Carb-loading the night before a long run.

Yup, feels that way some times. Normal? I'm busy-ish all week and then the weekend rolls around and...ghost town.

Terry Hershey Park


And back.

Def needed hot yoga to unwind after that run.

Rainy Sunday.

The pup turned 6!

Filet and champagne sounds like a good Sunday night meal to me.

It's rodeo time in Houston.

I forgot how bad that can smell.

Justin Moore concert at the rodeo

K was a little excited.

L and I had a good time


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