Weeekend recap

I just love three day weekends. I mean, who wouldn't. I barely accomplished anything. It was beautiful weather all weekend - low 70s, low humidity. I got a few runs in, did some workouts. Bought healthy food at the grocery store.

Thursday night I opened a bottle of red and did nothing.

Friday I did get some errands done. In between being glued to the news. When I came back from my second run of the day (yes, you read that right), I could not turn away from the TV. It was during the standoff with the second bomber.
(So in my next apartment, I can not live near a Chuy's. OMG I love Mexican.)

Saturday I finally got that cupcake I have been denying myself. Yum.

Sunday I finished one book and then started another. Oh, I also got up at 3am (!) to watch the London Marathon. So early. Too early apparently, because I fell asleep roughly 15 mins before the men's race ended! At least I saw the whole women's race. oops.


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