Excuses, excuses

So I've finally started running again. And it's not going that well. I've never been good at pacing myself and so I start out relatively fast - for where I should be right now - and tire out rather quickly. It feels a little but like when I first started running in Houston. And since I feel like this isn't my fault, I have quite a few excuses which I might be able to blame this lack of ability on.

  • Training partners - I've never really run with training partners before, that is until January when I started running with a few girls from work. Now, truth be told, once in a while I would think they were holding me back since I new that I could run faster. But now I think they did me good and I miss running with them. But one is hurt and the other is training for a tri and I don't have anyone to run with right now. 
  • Humidity - When I first got to Texas, the humidity defeated me. I could barely run one lap at Memorial Park without needing to take a walk break. And I'm kind of feeling like I'm back in that place again. It's starting to get warmer and more humid and I don't like it! I am not a morning person not looking forward to the time when I might have to run in the very early a.m. to beat the heat. 
  • Diet - After a trip home and a reality check on where I am health-wise, I have started to try and eat healthy again. But for me, that usually means salads with fruit and veggies. Oh and this time I'm eating the jimmy dean healthy breakfast sandwiches. So there is some protein in the morning, but I think maybe I'm not getting enough protein and that's why my runs are so sluggish. I have to work on my menu I guess - still eating healthy but getting everything I need to give me enough energy for my runs.


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