Why do I hate the treadmill so much? Is it just the monotony? It's just so boring. And why do I always feel like I'm sprinting, no matter what the speed is set on?

It was easier in CT when my gym had tv screens in all of the treadmills and I could watch Sports Center or even bravo if I wanted. Four or five days a week for seven weeks I ran on the treadmill, training for the NYC Half. I would jump on the treadmill for anywhere from 45-85 minutes. And it was easy. Boring. But easy.

In my apartment complex now, where I've been using their treadmills, they do have TVs mounted in two of the corners. But they only get abc, nbc and cbs. And there is never any sound, just subtitles. I guess I'm spoiled.

Some of the people who come in while I"m there are just plain weird too. A woman got on the elliptical next to me last night and she smelled like a mexican restaurant. Then there's this guy. He sets the speed way too fast for himself and he will run for, oh, about a minute and then put his hands down on the rails and take all of the weight off his feet even though he's still "running" for about 30 seconds and then he'll go back to running again. I don't get it. Just slow down.

It is (slightly) easier for me to run on the treadmill though. Where I am now with my running I'm only going 20-30 minutes at a time. I'm always so tired. And if I'm on a treadmill, for some reason, it's easier for me not to stop. I've been walking a lot during my runs at the park lately. So I guess I just have to take what I can get.

E will hopefully be back from injury in a few weeks and we can start running together again. Maybe that will get me out of this running funk.


  1. I'm not a fan of treadmills either. Unless they have the tv on it where I can distract myself with Bravo/Hgtv!


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