Excess Fat Follow Up

When we last left off, I was four weeks into an eight week bikini challenge. Turns out there was a ninth week slim down at the end of that as well.

I followed the diet and exercise more diligently for the remainder of the program. I wasn't seeing much more weight loss, but I could definitely see my muscles toning up. And I was still cheating on the regular. I have very little will power. 

Halfway into that ninth week slim down, I became pretty sick. I didn't work out for over a week. I def didn't follow the meal plan. I was eating the minimum needed to make it through the day. I haven't been to yoga in almost a month.

I've just now been able to start working out again. My eating is slowly getting back to normal, trying to figure out what doesn't make me feel bad. 

I want to redo that ninth week and follow it to a tee just to see what can happen. And then go back to heather and get my body fat tested again. Right this second I think I'm down about nine pounds. I have no idea what that would look like in a reduction of my body fat percentage. Time will tell. 

Overall I can see why they've been so successful. I really liked their meals and want to keep following it to some extent, but in a less restrictive way. And their workouts were pretty good and they post new ones every day even outside the challenge, so I'll continue to look at that too. 

Once I finish the slim down and get my body fat tested, I'll follow up again. To be continued...


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