Do You Think I Move Too Much

I know. I move. A lot. Packing up doesn't bother me and it can be a good way to get rid of things. And since I've found I've been getting free movers. So, if after a year I don't love my place, I move on.

Which brings us to now. I've been in this apartment almost a year. And it's nice. A lot nicer than my last place. But so far in 2017 alone, my AC has broken three times. This is Houston. That is not ok. And they weren't super helpful in trying to get me into a bigger apartment here.

So. It's time to go. With my job change this year, my office wasn't super close anymore, so I found a new place. And I'm moving in four weeks.

It's closer to work. Directly across the street from a Whole Foods. Almost 200sf larger. Has a rooftop infinity pool. And is above a wine bar. I mean really. It wasn't a hard decision.

Next up on the decision list. Do I beg, borrow and steal cardboard boxes to pack like I always pack? Or use a service like BungoBox, where you can rent heavy duty crates for your move. They drop them off and pick them up when you're done?

Certainly, none of the crates would get crushed. And hopefully if I pack well, nothing breaks. I lost quite a few glasses and things last time. Decisions, decisions.

Either way. I can't wait to move!


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