Update 4.18.16

Since the office is closed bc of all the rain today, I finally have time/want to write an update. I've been gone for a minute bc I wanted/needed to walk away for a bit.

Anywho...last weekend I finally really celebrated my birthday on Saturday...with some good people and a lot of champagne. Max's Wine Dive for dinner (love that place, great brunch), Stone's Throw for drinks (another fave) and Pistoleros late night bc well Pistoleros. Sunday was super lazy. Stayed in bed forever, wandered around for a few hours before heading to an engagement party for friends. Super cute couple, so happy for them.

Since we're still in the middle of my use-or-lose vacation day, I had two days off mid-week last week. Wednesday was spent having all the fun and I tried to make up for it on Thursday. Dish Society is now one of my favorite happy hours. $15 bottles of prosecco and pretzels with gouda queso. Yes please. Which is probably why I cut my Thursday morning run short. That, the margaritas and just generally being hungry haha. So after a healthy lunch and maybe a nap I went to Memorial for another run later that night. Oh that's what else I did Thursday. I have been looking for pillows for my "new" couch since I got it. And I finally bit the bullet and bought some. I love pillows. I want them all. But come on. They are so expensive.

Catching up with Gmoney at lunch on Friday was good. Had never been to Bramble on Voss before - the burger was so good. All the wine at dinner with friends that night made for an early night. Saturday was more running, I sat outside for an hour I think and then did some much needed cleaning in my place. Went to Pistoleros that night to watch the Glory fights and, early on, was told you have to order food! when S found out I hadn't eaten yet that day. whoops. The fights were good, then we went to El Tiempo for dinner bc we always need more Mexican and margaritas. After another early, shitty run on Sunday I wandered around town for a while - Kuhl & Linscomb, Marshalls, Target, all my favorites - before another quick nap and Sunday pizza at Whole Foods. If you've never been to WF and had a pizza made fresh, sat at the bar with a beer and ate...you totally should.

With over seven inches of rain in my neighborhood in the last 24 hours, the office is closed today. In fact, most of Houston I think is closed today. It was nice to watch the Boston Marathon from my couch, but the race is over and now I'm bored. I would say it's time for brunch, but I'm pretty sue driving may not be a good idea. Either way, I'm back now and will be posting on the semi-regular...when I feel like it.

In the meantime, here's my week in pics...

She knows she's not supposed to be up there...

The only picture from my bday dinner night...Twin wanted to see before I went out haha

Ate all the carbs at a work luncheon

Healthy foods + beer = good Weds off

Bc who doesn't need a wine growler

Dish Society happy hour = 5 bottles of prosecco

Margaritas are always a good idea

Fit Fuel burrito ftw

Died on my morning run, so ran another 3 at the park with S

Why are throw pillows so expensive? Pretty tho

Bed time

Lunch with Gmoney at Bramble...so. good.

More margaritas. Bc duh

Such a weirdo


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