Party planning

I'm a planner. I like to plan things. And by things I mostly mean parties. I love to plan having people over. And I generally tend to go overboard. Girls night, Friday pasta dinners, Christmas Eve, etc.

And right now it's fight night. There are some Bellator fights on Friday night and I'm having people over. So. I need a menu. Food and drinks. All the drinks. :)

Nobody has a race on Saturday, so we don't have to have pasta. I always want to do something fun and not the standard party food. That's boring. 

The fights start late, so maybe not a full dinner. I'm always dying for a reason to make a cheese plate. And I recently saw a "dip party" on Pinterest and while I don't want a ton of dips, I love a good hummus or two and maybe one more dip. And the fresh market has some pretty good flat bread pizzas. Is that enough? Too much? Who knows. 

Now for the drinks. S wants to bring his margarita machine. Cool. And I want one of my favorite drinks ever, the perfect pear - pear vodka, st Germaine, lemonade and prosecco. Yum. And of course other booze and beer. 

I may change my mind five or ten times between now and then but that's what I'm thinking right now. Thoughts? What would you make?


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