Weekend recap

It was one of my Friday's off this past weekend, so my weekend started Thursday after work. I caught up with G Money at lunch on Thursday and had an amazing blue cheeseburger with pork belly at HEB's Table 57 restaurant. I went in telling myself this couldn't be a long lunch...and then we talked work and track for two hours. Whoops. Thursday night we made the portobellos stuffed with italian sausage...love those. And the house smells like pizza when we make them haha.

Friday was nice and relaxing. After going to yoga and giving Lola a bath I spent a few hours at the pool and then went for a short run. Initially I wanted to run four miles, but at the last minute I got a 5K entry for Saturday morning's Heights 5K so I just took it easy. Made another batch of the spinach and basil pesto, this time over spinach tortellini. So easy and so good.

The alarm came early Saturday morning and I was out the door for the run. I had no idea what to expect I would run pace-wise. I've been running again, but not consistently and with summer heating up my pace has been all over the place. It ended up being not that bad and in the last half mile I passed up S who was pacing in somebody for work. It was amazing haha and the only time I will ever beat him in a race. It was an early race so I was able to make it to 10am hot yoga and then again hung out by the pool for a while. I heart summer. I talked K into dinner at El Tiempo, where apparently if you order a la carte, everything gets its own plate. I was the fat girl at the table with two plates a drink and all the chips and queso. Then I met some friends at Revelry where we played the biggest game of Jenga ever. And I wasn't the one who toppled it! #Score

Skipped all the workouts on Sunday due to too many margaritas and Moscow mules and ended up at the pool for four hours. So much sunburn. Whoops. But I met some of my neighbors and finally it wasn't old people or kids, so I hung out with them until I had to go inside to do a bit of work. More Mexican food for dinner and more margaritas made for a good end to the weekend.

Can't wait for the end of this week now when AA shows up...I haven't seen her since I left CT.
Good drinks. Good friends. Good times.

Pork belly is my new favorite...Blue cheeseburger with pork belly at Table 57

Sausage stuffed portobello

Another bath, really? I feel like we just did this last week...

Homemade spinach and basil pesto over tortellini with salmon

Heights 5K aka the only race I'll ever beat teamdumtruck in haha

Hot 60

Pooped after that 30 mins walk

El Tiempo ftw

When you order a la carte everything gets its own plate...

...and you look like you're eating for two #fail

Moscow Mules

Biggest game of jenga ever


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