Five day weekend turns into six #HoustonFlood

So now lets step back to the weekend before last and a post that has been sitting in my draft pile.

For Memorial Day I had a five day weekend. Yep, you read that right. Five days off. And guess what? It turned into a SIX day weekend bc you know #HoustonFlood.

There was lots of food and laying around with some workouts spread through out, but not much else as the weather was horrible. Which brings us to Monday. Monday was National Burger Day and the Rockets were playing (not that I cared) so obviously we needed to go out for burgers. And Doc's offers half price burgers on Mondays. Done. The specials were great and my burger hit the spot. But still we left at half time and decided to head over to Pistolero's bc Margarita Monday. And stayed for a few rounds, love the drinks and the people who work there.

Must've been around 10:30pm when we decided to call it a night. Well, on the way to drop friends back at their car we realized just how much it was raining. The water was already creeping pretty high on the side streets off Westheimer. Tried to get to S's house. Couldn't. Tried to get to I-10 to get to my house. Couldn't. So we stopped off at Christian's Tailgate to try and wait some of it. Around 2am a nap in the car sounded like a good idea and about 30 mins after we got out there, we realized the rain was letting up some. So we tried to get to my house again. Still couldn't. And this try ended up with some nifty lights turning on on my dashboard. Tried again. Couldn't. Stopped in a parking garage for another half an hour before trying one last time to get out of the hell that was the Memorial Park area. Finally. We were able to get over the Shepherd bridge and inside. And it was about, oh, 4:00am-ish. So for anybody keeping track that was over five hours to get home. Sweet night.

Around 7:30am they closed the office. And I finally got back to my house, after two more detours, around 10:00am. Poor Lola, who hates loud storms, had been in her crate all alone all night. So I spent the whole day cuddling on the couch with her.

Southwest style pork tenderloin with green beans and artichoke pesto.

Pizza and beer at Whole Foods.

Afternoon naps with Lola.

Forgot the avocado, so we tried making chicken salad with leftover arugula pesto.

Bath time...get me out of here!

Italian sausage stuffed portabello with corn and cucumber avocado salad.

Somebody is being stubborn.

Here comes the storm.

Almost 14 feet of water under this overpass.

There's a running trail down there somewhere.

So. Much. Water.


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