The end of the super long weekends

With the end of May came the end of my time to use or lose my vacation for our calendar year and I was looking for something to do/somewhere to go. 

I've been to Austin twice before, but each time was to run a half marathon with people who have been to the city plenty of times and, you know, we were running so we didn't do too much else while we were there.

So, Austin it was. I found out after the fact that the reason hotels were a bit pricey was bc the NCAA West Regionals were going at UT. So many track athletes in town...made me feel more at home haha. I even ran into somebody I knew...that never happens to me.

So after driving up there early Friday afternoon, we ate and drank our way through Austin. Who needs touristy stuff when there's margaritas, tex mex, German food and In N Out? There was some wandering of the city, shopping, just walking was a good weekend.

Hotel pool...super hot out there on Friday.

Margaritas bc duh.
Speakeasy's rooftop bar

Elizabeth St Cafe

Elizabeth St Cafe

Fried egg, pork belly and avocado bahn mi

East side succulents

Overspending...but it looks awesome

The bar at Whole Foods

Easy Tiger for dinner

The New Yorker board

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The hotel pool at night

A good Old Fashioned

In N Out Burger for the win

I can not believe we drove right past Buccee's while I was working on my phone.

Needed a healthy dinner after all that food and alcohol.


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