Lately (12.24.15)

It's been a really weird week.

I've been working on getting my Christmas shopping finished, trying to get some runs and yoga in, was named to Team Nuun...and have been dealing with some pretty severe hives.

I've had hives for over a year now. Allergy pills keep them under control most of the time. Well I missed two pills in a row last week and I have no idea if that's what brought this on but I've now had two rounds of hives that have lasted longer than 48 hours a piece. And the second round even had some that blistered. So on my second trip to the dermatologist in four days they did two biopsies. 

At this point I think they really have no idea what it is. So I just have to wait for the bloodwork and biopsy results to come in. In 7-10 days. Awesome. 

It doesn't really hurt but the area still itches some and I obviously can't scratch it. So I just try to ignore it. 

I've set up my tree, put a few gifts under it and have to finish my grocery shopping in a little while. I love Christmas Eve dinner. We'll be making filet, sweet potato stacks and Brussel sprouts. And depending on what I find at the store I want to make an appetizer version of the 7 fishes. It'll be a lot of food :) 


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