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Week(end) Recap

I had been doing so well and now it's been over a week since I've last blogged. Work has been busy(ish) and obvi now I have Lola.

Last week was kind of a blur. I've put working out/running/yoga more on the back burner than it has been in the last few weeks to spend time with Lola. Knowing where she came from, I hate leaving her in her crate. It's something I'm going to have to work on. But. I did get in a few runs and a few yoga sessions.

I did four miles at the Social Run at Luke's Locker on Tuesday with one of my Ambassadors and we ran at a pretty comfortable clip. Polar was there demo'ing new watches so we each tried one. Looks pretty, but I didn't think it was that great. We both had problems pausing it at red lights and the way it was set up I couldn't see the distance I had run. Apparently that's something you can change, but in my opinion, for a demo, it should be set to that. I don't think I ran again until Saturday's 4 for the Park Brunch Run. It wasn't too bad. Every time I do a shorter run I tell myself that next time I am going to warm up a little so that my legs aren't so tight right out of the gate. And I'll say it again. Next time I really need to do at least a short warm up. But my pace ended up being not so bad. Went out a bit fast then calmed down. Did 8:20, 8:30, 8:40, 8:07.

I'm slowly taking the girls from work to meet Lola. K came over one day for lunch and E another. The day E came over, on the way into my place, we saw a baby opossum. So weird. She wanted to call another of our coworkers who she said would come and rescue it and take it to the vet or something. I just kept telling her not to touch don't want to get rabies! It was gone by the time we left.

Lots of healthy dinners (now I just need to work on breakfast and lunch). I changed things up, slightly, on my birthday and made a rice bowl with seared ahi tuna. Not bad. Actually really good. Speaking of my birthday, on Tuesday's staff meeting we celebrated three of our birthdays with cupcakes and macaroons. And then, bc my bday is a national holiday, the office was closed on Friday. Ha. Just kidding, we were closed for Good Friday. Duh. I can't really remember what all I did that day now. There was a mani/pedi involved and lots of time with Lola. It was a good day.

Saturday was the Brunch Run. Time with Lola. Before running around and doing a bunch of errands. There was an appointment at the new Dry Bar on Westheimer, bc my birthday. And I loved the stylist I had, after some not so great appointments at the other location, this guy was amazing. But. They'yve only been open about a week and when I showed up their hot water heater was broken and the repair man knocked out some of the electricity. And I never got my mimosa. Whoops. At least my hair looked good. I waited for forever to think about dinner reservations for Saturday, so naturally everywhere I could think to go was packed. I mean. It was Easter weekend. So we ended up at some whole in the wall Mexican place, Spanish Flowers, and while the food was good and I had a good time, I wouldn't need to go back there again. Drinks at Little Woodrow's is always a good time. But it had been a long day and after one to many frozen woody's we called it a night.

Thankfully I did not have a major hangover on Sunday. Just a little one. And I stayed in bed until it went away. haha. Brunch at Local Pour, lots of naps and dinner at Cyclone Anaya's made for a pretty relaxing Easter. Then I took Monday off. Just for fun. Who doesn't love a four day weekend?

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Good birthday weekend, decent Easter holiday and some relaxing time off.

She loves to nap on me.

Honey almond salmon, avocado and green beans...pretty tasty.

Get me out of here!

More salmon, brussel sprouts and harvest grain salad.

Lola is getting all the attention and Gordeaux is not impressed.

We celebrated 3 bdays at our staff meeting and mine was one of them.

Tried out a new watch at the social run...not a fan, couldn't figure out how to pause.

Why are you surprised there's salmon on this plate?

After the fun run with #HouMarathon Ambassador Lindsay

Baby opossum outside my place...

She does this all the time #PetMe

Ha. More salmon. Rice bowl goodness.

Nap time.

Look! I'm finally eating.

Shrimp super foods bowl at Adair Kitchen

Happy Birthday to us!

My first go with ahi was good!

Just before the start of the 4 for the Park Brunch Run.

Not too bad after only running 2-3 days a week.

Easter brunch

More naps.

Easter dinner.

Work lunch on my day off.

Truffled egg salad. yum.

K's attempt to keep me on track hahaha

Lola says I don't need to shower or eat, I need to be her pillow.


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