Running probs and a weekly recap

So I've been running again for a few months now, just a few days a week. 

Now. When I moved back in August one of the reasons I picked this place was bc it would be the first apt where I could actually just walk out the front door and go for a run. When I was running last year everything was fine. Fast forward to a few months ago and whenever i would run from here, my hips would bother me and my legs would just feel sluggish. 

A few weeks after, I started with all the yoga. And things seemed to get better. Except they didn't, not really. My Tuesday runs are at Luke's Locker's social run on the Bayou and I had been running at and around Memorial Park. And everything felt great. I even seem to be getting faster. Treadmill runs, no problem. 

But then one day I ran at home again. And guess what? It hurt again. So now what? Is it bc the sidewalks over here just got bad in the last few months? Somebody tell me what the problem is so that I can fix it. 

In the meantime, check out the pics below for what I've been up to this week. 

Tilapia #notsalmon

Doing what I do best

Chicken salad with avocado and non-fat greek yogurt

More naps

Family Fun Run with K and Sarah Pepper

I know we were just outside 10 mins ago, but let's go again...

Switching some art around

Finally hanging stuff in my room


I know I'm supposed to sit with K, but what's out your window?

I heart cheese

Salmon, grain salad and brussel sprouts

Good times

Common Bond for lunch #amazing

It's that time already?

Play with me

Rice bowls

Don't play with her, play with me

Breakfast o' Champions

Benjy's for lunch - mahi mahi sandwich


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