Really Long Update

I know, I know. It's been forever. I was getting better at posting on a regular basis and then I dropped off the planet again. 

It's been a minute but you haven't missed too much. Since its Texas, pool time has started already, so that's nice. 

Lola still doesn't love bath time, but she doesn't hate it anymore either. 

I've been cooking a lot, mostly salmon of course, but when a friend and his girl came over for dinner there was chicken. And cheese. And lots of champagne. 

Not so much running right now, but I've been going to yoga quite a bit. But I really want to add some running back in. I just have to make time for it. 

This past weekend I was in Pittsburgh for thei marathon, actually sitting in the airport waiting to go home right now. We were observing part of their race to see if it's something we want to implement at our event. There were two long shifts but we were done relatively early yesterday, had a nap and then a good meal and now it's time to go. 

Sooo...not much info but maybe more later. For now check out my pics...


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