Foodie recap

I love to cook. And I love to cook for other people. I may not stray too far on my menu, ok people have said I cook way too much salmon, but at least I mix up the recipes some times?

All right, so I probably eat salmon 3-5 nights a week and when I'm not eating salmon I'm eating Mexican. This is Texas. But I should branch out every once in a while. I need some new dishes. Who has suggestions?

Everyone once in a while, we make filets...but that can get expensive so it's usually only on special occasions - like holidays...or if it goes on sale. I've made scallops before, so good, but also expensive.

I also want to stay relatively healthy. It's ok to go off the reservation and eat what I want once in a while, but I should not be doing it as much as I have been lately.'s what I've been eating lately...

Chicken fajitas

I feel like there must be a veggie missing from this plate...

Chicken fajitas take two

Happy Mother's Day - have a blue margarita

Champagne with dinner is always a good idea

Lunch at Tout Suite by my old apt...too expensive

Salmon with homemade arugula pesto, sausage stuffed mushrooms and artichoke pesto on ciabatta

Truffled egg salad from Local Foods...yum

It's been a minute since I made rice leftover pesto

Corn sauteed in garlic butter with feta...yes, please

Salad times two - Quinoa panzanella with salmon & avocado, cucumber salad


  1. I'm dying to try Local Foods specifically for that truffle egg salad...seriously, if you ever want to meet up for a weekday lunch, I'm down! :) That pesto pasta looks amazing, too...

    1. Sounds like a plan...I can't believe you've never been there. Maybe Tues or Weds next week?

    2. Yes, let's do next Wed! I think you've got it, but I'll message you my number.


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