Vanity (review)

We had an event last night for work, a Hall of Fame dinner, that required cocktail attire. No problems there, I have plenty of dresses. However, I am not the best at doing my own hair. I had been thinking about getting my hair cut for weeks, so I called yesterday morning and made an appointement for just after lunch.

Being new here, I wasn't sure where to go. So I asked my coworkers where they go. Vanity on San Felipe. It's a nice looking, upscale sort of place. An Aveda salon. Obviously I don't know the stylists, so I made my appointment based solely on time. And I ended up with Shadya.

She seemed nice and I explained to her exactly what I wanted - basically a long bob, showing her the pic below - telling her that I was just getting past the stage where my hair flips out at the bottom (I hate that). I know a flat iron will make my hair do what I want, but I'm not a stylist and I usually don't like the way it turns out.
My appointment was for 1:15 and I got out of there around 2:30. My hair looked nice when I left, but the ends were flipping out. I hoped maybe that was just the way she had styled it as I didn't have time to really look at it. I had to get back to work. Fast forward to later that night when I was getting ready for the dinner and fixing my hair...that's when I noticed there was a layer around my head about two inches shorter than the rest of my hair. This will virtually ensure that my hair will flip out until it grows out. Now maybe it's just me, but I don't see that kind of layering in the pic above. If my hair can't do that, she should have told me. I would have accepted that. But she told me we could do that cut and that's not what I came away with.

(this is at dinner last night.)

I wanted to email the salon (bc I hate confrontation and its easier for me to write these things out) but of course they don't have an email address listed. But really the only solution I see to my haircut is to cut everything the length of the layer. which would give me another bob!

Time to call them and see what they have to say...I'll keep  you posted.


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