HMSA Classical 25km

I had told my boss after we ran a half marathon at the end of October that, hands down, I was not running the 25km race (that's 15.5 miles!) three weeks later. I took 10 days completely off from running. That was when I found out that another guy in the office had gotten me an entry for the 25k!

So I started running again. But not very far. This was also around the time that I started the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge. It's a company here in Houston and you eat their food, and only their food, for 21 days. It's three meals and two snacks a day (about 1200 calories for me) and you can only drink water.

So race morning comes and I was so nervous. I've never run that far, ever, and I wasn't sure I was going to that day. It was a loop course (three times a five mile loop) and I thought, well maybe I will just run two.

I got out to the start line, the gun went off, and off we all went. The first loop was great. For the amount I had been running, I felt very comfortable. And so I decided I could finish the race. I'm on the second loop, still feeling ok and then mile 9 hits. And I can tell I'm hitting the wall. I can feel the blister that is now on the bottom of my pinky toe on my left foot. with every step. But  just keep going. I'm slowing down, but doing ok. Here comes mile 13 and I just want to stop. So bad. So I take a few walking breaks every now and then but keep going. And finally here it comes. I can see the finish line.

I an ecstatic to cross the finish line (in somewhere around 2:37). It means I can finally stop. I hobble over to the water and gatorade. See that the food line is way too long and don't stop. I've got places to go. Kick off is in under two hours and I have suite tickets to the Texans game. So I walk, in my socks, to the car. Never have I been so happy to sit down.

And I tell myself this is it. I need time to recover before I can run again. I need rest. And for my blisters to heal. So what happens today? I signed up for the 10k turkey trot. in three days. oh my.


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