So a couple weeks ago I went out to Denver for the twins' double mastectomy and reconstruction. And ever since then she has been asking me when am I going to blog about my trip lol. 

But it was...a lot. And I hate to say that bc I'm not the one who is going through it. She's being so strong. Stronger than I would ever/could ever be. 

I got in Tuesday night and we went straight to dinner bc everyone was hungry. It was a restaurant right near her apartment with ridiculous happy hour/late night happy hour specials. The food was really good and we all had a drink. 

We had to be up relatively early and at the hospital I think by 7:00am it was. She got checked in, they objected her with some stuff, the doctors came by and before I knew it, they were wheeling her away. 

The first portion of the surgery went way quicker than they predicted and Mom and I were still at lunch when they were done. But she was still in there with the plastic surgeon. We hurried back to the hospital and sat with the rest of the families waiting for their loved ones to come out of their respective surgeries. 

The rest of the day is kind of a blur. She came out of surgery and mom got to see her for a minute but it was a while before they moved her to a room and we got to sit with her. We stayed for a while until she was ready to try and sleep and then we went back to her apt. I remember trying to run at some point that night. And I do mean trying. Altitude is no joke. I think I ran 4 miles total the whole time I was there. 

Thursday morning she was feeling pretty nauseous and hadn't slept so we tried to give her some space to rest and went back to the hospital around lunch time. We hung out for a while, some of her friends came by, we even ate dinner in the hospital that night. They had room service! We ordered off a pretty sizable menu and I was able to eat a healthy meal. 

Friday morning I got up and went to yoga, there was a studio around the corner and your first week is free. Got home, showered and cooked breakfast and then waited for Mom before going to the hospital. We were being twin home that day!

By the time we got to the hospital, she was basically ready to go. We packed up all her things and away we went.

The next 24 hours is kind of a blur. With twin spending two nights in the hospital, I only had one night left with her. We hung out in her room, watched tv and she tried to nap some. She was pretty uncomfortable and I got real good at fluffing her pillows. If she was awake, I was awake. And if she was asleep I was probably still at least somewhat awake.

And just like that. It was time to go home.

I know there's more I could write. But, quite frankly, I don't want to. This has gone on for a hot minute and I need a break. Twin is recovering and  moving on in her treatment .We just have to keep looking forward.


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