2015 race week (ish) recap

2015 race season is almost officially over. It's been eight days since the Houston Marathon and I think I am finally almost recovered. So much happened in the weeks before and after the race.

I tried to cook and eat healthy for as long as I could until I moved into the hotel. I told myself I would try to run at least two miles a day during race week. Two days was as much as I could manage. Race weekend was looong. Early morning and late nights. But I got to catch up with people I hadn't seen since last year. The twin came to town to help. A friend PR'ed by 5 minutes. Two of my ambassadors qualified for Boston. Most of my ambassadors were amazing. And then it was over. I'm finally back to cooking. ish. The struggle post-race is real. I've run twice since it ended. But I have big plans for the rest of this year.

Since I'm still in my post-race fog, how about you just look at all these pics instead of listening to me ramble? K? thanks.

Love my photo prop for the EXPO

One week to go, trying to still eat good food

Last dinner at home

Rainy miles with K on the treadmill

Some of my ambassadors on media day

Warehouse here I come

Ok, so this was my last dinner. It's hard to keep track.

Time to pack up the car.

And move into the hotel.

My room for the week.

Picking up a friends bib.

Ah-mazing warm goat cheese salad.

Hilton lobby

perfect lunch - half salad and burger

So much work to do...

4:45am call time for a morning show...my ambassadors are rock stars

Post press conference lunch


According to Aramark this is $108 worth of bagels and pastries

Emily singing the national anthem before the 5K


I have two pics from race day. The start...

And when they dismantled the finish line.

Marathon weekend recovery dinner

Who needs food when you have champagne?

Finally cooking again.

I really need to get back to healthy eating

Stones Throw punch #yum

More salmon bc #duh

Watching the Dubai Marathon...that dude in the middle was supposed to run Houston

When did this become a food blog?

Warehouse work day


  1. Looks like a fun, albeit exhausting, week! Just makes me already excited for next year's race already. :) Where does one get that half salad, half burger lunch??

    1. That lunch was in the restaurant in the Hilton Americas lobby. A coworker and I shared the full salad and burger and they served them split like that...amazing!

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