Here's what: September 18

Here's what three things I'm obsessed with this week...

My little sister turned 30 yesterday. I can't believe it. I feel so old. She's currently living it up in Vegas for eight days! I know, I know...who goes to Vegas for eight days? 

Meet Gordeaux. A friend of mine got a dog a few weeks ago. And I love him. I may steal him. Shhh. It's no secret that I have wanted a puppy forever. When they start making puppies that stay puppies and come fully trained, I'm in! It doesn't help that the two types of dogs I'm interested rarely show up at rescues and if I wanted to buy one they usually cost in excess of $1000. Of course I like the expensive dogs. Gordeaux is perfect though. He's not too big and he's four years old so he is already trained. And very chill. He'll sit next to me for hours and let me rub his belly while we watch tv. If anyone knows someone with a french bulldog, boston terrier or frenchie/boston mix let me know! I want one :) (yes mom, I know it's not a good idea.)

I need more/new candles in my new apartment. When I first moved in it smelled like cleaning supplies. Normal, I get that. After having people over for dinner on Tuesday, it smelled like the steak I had seared on my new grill pan. And now it smells like the hamburger I had for dinner last night. I love my food, but I don't need to still smell it 24 hours later. Ventilation at my place is a little iffy. So I really want to get a few  more of my favorite candles from Anthropologie. They're strong, but not overpowering.


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