Financial (ir)responsibility

I know, I know. Money is a forbidden topic you're not supposed to talk about. Whatever. It's stressing me out and this blog is my outlet.

It's no secret that I lost my job a few years ago and was then unemployed for three months. Having come off five years at a non-profit where I had to work two jobs just to survive, I was not in a good place financially.

When I moved to Connecticut for my next job, for the first time ever I was making decent money. But I was not responsible with it. I was able to shop without counting and boy did I. Fact - when I would go to the grocery store in Indiana, I would add everything up in my head as I went and be with 25 cents of my total when I checked out. I did not do this once in Stamford and instead would make multiple trips to Whole Foods a week.

Last summer I was in a good place. And then I got robbed. Then I got robbed again. Retail therapy happened. Then I bought I car. And had surgery. My student loan payments went up yesterday. And now my bills are a lot higher then they were even six months ago.

Along with all of that...I'm moving this month. Luckily I used a service that will provide me with a 2.5 free move and I am just hoping there will be no extra fees. Then there's the additional rent I have to pay on the new place. But at least the rent will be lower per month moving forward.

I'm not struggling financially. I can pay my bills and still have some fun. But it's not as easy asI want it to be.

So who's got the winning lottery numbers?

Enough of that...let's move on to happy things...look at these cute puppies...


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